At Retina Macula Specialists, Dr. Jaime Membreno is committed to meeting your vision needs. Our Orlando ophthalmology clinic specializes in diagnosing vitreoretinal diseases and performing corrective surgery in Orlando. Patients can enjoy conveniently scheduled in-office corrective eye procedures and day surgeries that will restore their vision and improve their lives.

An Orlando retina specialist is trained to diagnose and treat specific parts of the human visual system. Retina-vitreous surgeons work on extremely delicate tissues in an incredibly small space. Patients are treated with advanced surgical procedures and the support of our experienced staff within our facilities.

Our goal is to improve visual acuity by providing state-of-the-art retinal care with the compassion and dedication each patient deserves. A comprehensive range of services is available to patients with various eye diseases and disorders seeking practical treatment options. We work in conjunction with a number of nationally recognized insurance providers as well as locally based hospitals and physicians.

At our Orlando ophthalmology clinic, we provide superior health services in a comfortable atmosphere. Our practice evaluates all aspects of retinal and vitreous diseases. This includes the treatment and diagnosis of many diseases such as:

Diabetic Retinopathy

Age-related Macular Degeneration

Epiretina Membrane

Intraocular Inflammation/Uveitis

Intraocular Infections/Endophthalmitis

Retinal vascular occlusions

Retinal detachments

AIDS-related retinal disorders

Treatment options for other eye disorders are also available. Recovery time after surgery can be greatly reduced when corrective eye surgeries are performed in ophthalmologist’ offices. Skilled ophthalmologists have the tools, training and practical experience necessary to diagnose and treat eye ailments that previously went unnoticed.

A retina specialist may also treat a patient who has experienced severe eye trauma and may consult patients dealing with hereditary diseases of the eye. An in-office examination will reveal surgical procedures available to restore lost vision as well as assess orbital socket damage. Eye contusions, including vitreous disorders, can be diagnosed and corrected at our offices during a scheduled appointment.

Patients with diabetic retinopathy or vitreoretinal diseases may not experience symptoms for extended periods. Unless their doctor knows what to look for, these disorders can continue to progress, leading to diminished eyesight and loss of visual acuity. We have years of experience in diagnosing and treating diabetic retinopathy and various other vitreoretinal diseases .Our advanced treatment techniques benefit patients that need lasting results.

Visit our convenient Orlando ophthalmology clinic location for an appointment. For further questions about Retina Macula Specialists and the services provided by Dr. Membrano, schedule an appointment with us by calling 407-931-1510.